Hooked On My Escape

Finally! Front-end tie-down points for your Ford Escape!

What is it?

The "Hooked On My Escape" bumper hook assembly is an aluminum bar and accessories designed to provide attachment hooks at the front of your Escape. The bar is custom designed to attach securely to the front bumper on a Ford Escape (model years 2008-2012) and has two holes (or four depending on model) into which eye bolts or hooks can be attached. The eye bolts or hooks are easily removed without having to remove the main bar - it remains securely attached to your vehicle's bumper. Standard 1/2"-13 or 3/8"-16 threading allows you to add your own hook style should the included eye bolts not meet your exact needs. The bar is attached to your Ford Escape's front bumper using existing holes - no drilling necessary.

What is it used for?

The "Hooked On My Escape" is all about providing tie-down points for your Escape. The fact that it makes your Escape look great is a bonus but it's not about styling - the eye bolts or hooks attached to the "Hooked On My Escape" bumper hook assembly provide convenient tie-down points for securing a canoe, kayak, ladder, boards, etc. to your Escape. In other words, it adds additional utility to your utility vehicle.

Tie Down for a Canoe Tie Down for a Kayak Tie Down for a Ladder Tie Down for Lumber

Because the "Hooked On My Escape" is secured to your vehicle's bumper it is strong enough to also provide an emergency tow point to attach a tow rope or chain should you need assistance out of a snow bank, sand, or an icy patch (recommended only when using the heavy duty model).

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The Tie-Down model of "Hooked on My Escape" is hand-made in small batches using light-weight aluminum square tube to provide convenient tie-down points.

Heavy-Duty and Light-Duty models of "Hooked On My Escape" bumper hook assembly are machined in North America at a family-owned machine shop. The main bar and bolt brackets are machined from North American aluminum and are light-weight yet strong.

More questions?

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