Hooked On My Escape
Frequently Asked Questions

What Ford Escape models will the "Hooked On My Escape" fit?

The "Hooked On My Escape" bar is specifically designed to fit Ford Escape model years 2008-2012 with front bumper part # 9L8Z-17757-A.

What about my Mazda Tribute?

Confirmed! "Hooked On My Escape" will install on 2008-2012 Mazda Tributes.

With one minor tweak. Due to the difference in bumper cladding, the bar must be lowered approximately 1/4" from the bumper in order to ensure the holes for the eyebolts are clear of the plastic cladding. This is easily achieved by using three or four 7/16" washers or one 5/16" nut on the bumper bracket bolts and between the bar and the bumper.

Can I install "Hooked On My Escape" myself?

Yes. This product has been engineered for a do-it-yourself installation. Installation of the product will require:

What are the differences between the "light-duty", "heavy-duty" and "tie-down" models?

New for 2015, the tie-down model is an inexpensive alternative to the full-length 24" solid aluminum bar used in the light-duty and heavy-duty models. It consists of two 6" hollow tube aluminum bars (one for each side) and uses standard 3/8" light-duty eye bolts instead of the larger 1/2" eye bolts. The smaller size, lighter weight and less expensive material allows for a less expensive solution but still providing more-than-adequate tie-down functionality.

The heavy-duty model is different than the light-duty model in the following ways:

  1. 1½" bar depth (versus a 1" depth for the light-duty model)
  2. bar and bar mounting brackets designed for two securing bolts for each end (versus one per end for the light-duty model)
  3. two additional ½" tapped holes between the two mounting brackets for better load distribution during emergency extraction situations
  4. includes two forged steel eyebolts rated for lifting forces for use in emergency extraction situations (light-duty model includes two bent-steel eye-bolts not rated for lifting)

Can I use "Hooked On My Escape" to tow my vehicle?

You should not use any model of "Hooked On My Escape" to tow your vehicle. In the event of an emergency, the heavy duty version can be used at your own risk as an aid for extracting your vehicle out of a shallow ditch, icy area, or snow bank with the assistance of your own vehicle's power. Use your heavy-duty "Hooked On My Escape" for assisted extraction only - not for towing.

Do so at your own risk and follow these precautions:

Can I replace the eye bolts that came with the product?

The holes provided in the bar (two in the light-duty model and four in the heavy-duty bar) are tapped to accept ½"-13 threading. Any eyebolt, hook, or other style of bolt with that threading can be attached to the "Hooked On My Escape" bar. To ensure that sufficient thread is available to go completely through the bar, a shank length of at least 3 ¼" and a thread length of at least 2" is recommended.

What about models to fit other vehicles?

The "Hooked On My Escape" was created specifically to meet my needs. An avid canoe paddler, I purchased a new Ford Escape to carry myself and my canoe to far off paddling destinations. But where do I tie a rope from the bow of the canoe to? How could the Ford design team left off such a useful feature - the Ford Escape is a utility vehicle after all! The solution was ultimately to have a custom made tie-down assembly made at a local machine shop. There just wasn't another useful, inexpensive option. A couple of prototypes later and "Hooked On My Escape" was born. If I found it so useful, perhaps others would as well. That was the motivation. Sorry, there are no plans to design a similar product for another vehicle at this time.